Magyar Vagyok portal

A small group of Hungarians in Chicago, IL have been working around the clock for the past few years to launch a social networking site for Hungarians. This is not just a Hungarian-language take on facebook though, it is the single, most comprehensive collection of Hungarian videos, news sites, links, youtube videos, recipes and the like that I have ever seen online. At last check it has 5,000+ members, but it is climbing every day. Check it out and let me know what you think! Magyar Vagyok

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    September 16, 2013 at 11:53 am #

    , I could end up muting the video instead of pausing it. Plus, it just feels more comfortable on the right (where most computer task bars have the volume control). If it's lighter on CPU usage, fine, but isn't there a way of getting that same result WITHOUT making things look bad? The new loader bar just covers the video and then sits in-between the video and the taskbar, which makes NO sense because now there's a HUGE space in the bar that's annoying to look at, and the video time made more sense on the right (that's just me being picky though). Also, I heard somewhere that uploaders were able to choose between the updated old style and the new one, and if that's true, can't we have that choice also? I mean, I don't like the new one, the old one looked fine (the video never had to compete with the player before, but now it actually does because the new one is ugly. The old one just kinda disappeared after a while of watching the video, for me at least). Anyway, I like the fact you're putting the site in more languages (to anyone who wants to bitch about people needing to learn English; That only applies in the US or UK ladies and gents. Other countries don't NEED to learn it, just as WE don't need to learn their language unless we're going to THEIR country. If you're going to another country, at least TRY to learn some of their language. Otherwise, stop complaining about people not knowing English, it's getting old). Since I don't upload or share videos (aside from using the actual link at the top, making the sharing option pointless to me), I can't really comment on the changes to those. As for the search page change, it's not a big deal. The old search page (I mean the one we had BEFORE you guys started changing everything) worked fine. Also, I'd like to ask something: Why can't I just click on a playlist and get the full list of videos instead of automatically having to watch the first video? I don't always want to watch the ENTIRE playlist, generally I only want one or two songs out of it (or more often than not I already have a song I want to listen to, so I don't want to have to start off on a different video). That's me being picky I guess, but I don't know why you removed that feature. Finally, the email alerts and the iPad update. … Eh, not that interesting to me. I mean, I don't HAVE to watch someone's video the exact moment they post it, so that's not a really interesting idea to me, and since I doubt I'll ever own an iPad (since they seem pretty much pointless to me except for a VERY small amount of the apps, which I can get on an iPhone if I ever really feel like wasting money on one), the update for that isn't something I'm excited for. To sum it up; I like the fact you added more languages for those who don't speak/read English, most of the updates don't affect me so I can't comment on those, and the new video player is a bad change on your part and I really wish you would go back to the old player (if you guys are really using up that much bandwidth/CPU/whatever it is you're using a lot of, I'm sure there are better ways of doing it that don't involve ugly layout changes, an enormous amount of bugs, and making people pay for anything on the site. I mean really, YouTube is owned by GOOGLE, I know you all have the money to make this site wonderful. Yet for some reason, it just keeps becoming another copycat site. YouTube's old designs were what set it appart from all the other video sites, why change it?

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