What do Paprika, a Turul and Dracula have in common?

What do Paprika, a Turul and Dracula have in common?

They are all part of the fun and free “Hungary Paper Quilt Craft.” I’ve worked on this project with my kids at home as well as a pre-K class at school. It can be a solo, family or class project, and basically includes coloring, cutting and pasting, so it is for all ages. It is a free download, has easy to follow-directions and produces a nice finished product at the end. In fact, my eldest son was so excited about his quilt, that I laminated it at a local UPS store and it now hangs on the door to his room, proudly displaying his Hungarian heritage! And he learned a little about his heritage along the way… you can’t ask for more than that.

Hungarian quilt project.

Hungarian quilt project.


One quick side note – if you don’t love the purple Dracula guy, you can always search the web for a coloring book page of Hungarian Easter eggs and replace it with that.

Click here for the download.


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    σημειώνω το “don’t let them fool you”, από στίχο αγγλικού τραγουδιού στον bestradio.gr. Στα ελληνικά σημαίνει “μην τους αφήνεις να σε κοροϊδεύουν”.

  2. Tievannyeloveu
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    ok I hit send accidentally .let me coinutne your post reminds me so much of the family who lived next door to my former in-laws. they had a young son (age 4) who used to visit my mother-in-law like that and play with my former husband’s old wooden block set. how she looked forward to his little visits! Barbara has been deceased for many years now, but if she were here I’d send her this post .and I know she’d smile!

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